About Avertium

About Avertium

Avertium: The New Cyber Element

Avertium was created as a result of the acquisition of Terra Verde, TruShield Security Solutions and Sword & Shield Enterprise Security by leading growth capital firm Sunstone Partners. The collective talent, assets and resources of all three firms are now operating as one; forming one of the largest cybersecurity and advisory services companies focused on the needs of mid-to large enterprises.

Customers spanning the retail, healthcare, hospitality, financial services, manufacturing and public sectors trust Avertium’s 150+ highly certified cybersecurity professionals to help defend against threats while mitigating risks and ensuring compliance. Security operations centers in Arizona and Tennessee ensure managed security services customers enjoy uninterrupted coverage.

Avertium logo

The Name "Avertium"

The name Avertium is derived from the word “Avert” and our brand mark pays homage to the names of elements in the periodic table. Avertium taps into its founding companies’ deep security DNA and collective drive to solve customers’ cybersecurity challenges.

The approach of melding the basic elements of cybersecurity — people, process and policies supported by technology and automation — in a uniquely pragmatic way is why Avertium is the new cyber element. We put customers at the forefront of every solution we design, develop and deploy to make their world a safer place.

Let us customize a compliance program for you.

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