Social Engineering Q&A: How to Strengthen Your Weakest Link

Social Engineering How to Strengthen Weakest Link

Even as organizations harden their network security, hackers are using social engineering to exploit softer targets, such as employees and management, to gain access via insider threats. With insider threat incidents on the rise, and with an uptick in remote working due to the COVID-19 pandemic, social engineering attacks could become even more prevalent. Ben […]

COVID-19 Phishing Scams to Watch For

Covid-19 Phishing Scams

Times of emergency create opportunities for ill-begotten gain for those willing and able to take advantage of the situation. COVID-19 is proving to be such an opportunity for bad actors. While cybercriminals have promised to cease their attacks on hospitals for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis, the rest of us are not safe. A […]

Comparing GDPR Versus CCPA

Comparing GDPR versus CCPA

In the last few years, the number and size of data breaches have inspired governments to pass data privacy regulations to protect their citizens.  These laws enforce minimum security standards for organizations holding customers’ personal data and protect the rights of individual citizens regarding what data is collected, why that data is collected, how it […]

Remote Workforce Security: 4 Best Practices

safe remote working tips for infosec pros

By Paul Caiazzo, Senior Vice President of Security and Compliance With the latest COVID-19 advisory from the CDC regarding avoiding mass gatherings of 50 or more, many organizations are allowing their workforce to work remotely from home. While a remote workforce isn’t new for most companies, the larger number of employees working from home increases […]

Cybersecurity Spring Cleaning: 7 Steps for Critical Data Scanning

cybersecurity spring cleaning data hygiene

Have you ever lost something in your house despite spending hours looking “everywhere” for it? Or stumbled upon a cache of items you forgot you had? This probably motivated you to do some major cleaning; sorting, organizing and disposing of items to know where the important items are located and easily get to them when […]

3 Reasons Why You Need a Human-Run Penetration Test

Human-Run Penetration Test

In the current cyber threat landscape, reactive approaches to cyber defense simply aren’t sufficient. While many vulnerabilities are discovered and ethically disclosed by white hat hackers (allowing patches to be developed and installed before details of the vulnerability are publicly released), many more go undetected or undisclosed. Between this and the current state of organizational […]

Why Your Customer Service Needs Chatbot Security

Customer Service Needs Chatbot Security

In the past, chatbots mainly provided canned answers to simple questions, but the increased sophistication of artificial intelligence (AI) has allowed chatbots to fulfill a useful role within enterprise customer support departments. However, as chatbots become more sophisticated and useful, they collect more valuable and sensitive data, making chatbot security an important priority. Chatbot Security […]

What You Need to Know About the New NIST Privacy Framework

NIST Privacy Framework

The internet and newly created technologies powered by data being collected from individuals have created many advantages for society. From using Internet of Things (IoT) devices like Alexa or Google Home to connecting with friends and family on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, mankind has brought itself to a new frontier. But satisfying […]

5 Steps to Recovering from a Failed PCI ROC

Recovering from a Failed ROC

A Payment Card Industry (PCI) Report on Compliance (ROC) is designed to test the effectiveness of the security controls that merchants implement to protect cardholder data. Merchants that process more than six million card transactions a year or service providers who process more than 300,000 card transactions per year are required to undergo a PCI […]

Why Optimizing Your Existing Cybersecurity Investment is Important

The average organization’s threat surface is expanding, and cyber threats keep evolving. A strong foundation built on proven technology is crucial in helping humans to protect their organizations from cybercrime. However, IT leaders must be judicious in selecting and implementing technology, taking care not to purchase every type of software that comes along. In fact, […]