SunBurst Backdoor and Malware Campaign

Darkside Ransomware

SunBurst Backdoor Overview This report is about the recently disclosed SunBurst backdoor and the related malware campaign. The malware campaign has been attributed to APT29, a GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate) Russian military cyber unit. The malware is distributed through an advanced supply chain attack designed to compromise both government and non-government entities via SolarWinds Orion, a widely […]

Ransomware Prevention to Incident Response

Ransomware Prevention to Incident Response

A ransomware attack can be a debilitating event for an unprepared person or organization. Depending on the type and value of the data stored on an infected computer, the impact of a n incident can range from a minor hiccup in operations to the death of the company. According to a recent report, ransomware demand costs […]

3 Differences in Incident Response for a New Remote Workforce

Incident Response for a New Remote Workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven many organizations to transition to remote work without sufficient time to prepare, creating new opportunities for hackers to attack vulnerable systems and unsuspecting users.  This article delves into how the rush to maintain “business as usual” during crisis may have caused an organization to overlook the impacts telework incident response […]