Microsoft Issues Warning for Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

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Digital Forensics + Incident Response (DFIR)

Digital Forensics + Incident Response (DFIR)

Minimize the Impact of Security Incidents with Avertium's Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)

Pragmatic Reaction, Deliberate Response

Provided as an on-demand crisis response service as well as retainer-based program, Avertium’s Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) helps you to rapidly assess, contain, eradicate and recover from a security incident to minimize impact and return you to normal operations.

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The Avertium Advantage

As an award-winning provider of comprehensive managed security and security consulting services to mid-to-large enterprises, we offer a comprehensive array of solutions that support the full incident response lifecycle. Additionally, security leaders and business executives can tap into Avertium’s ecosystem of legal and crisis communications experts to help them navigate and minimize the negative impact of a security incident.  

More Rigor

Avertium takes command to fully analyze and address the spectrum of technical, legal, regulatory and business impacts of the incident, all with your business goals in mind.

More Relevance

Our investigators relay the nature and potential ramifications of the incident to your technical staff and business stakeholders in a way that makes sense, paving the way for faster and more efficient incident handling.

More Responsiveness

Our in-house 24/7/365 CyberOps Centers of Excellence stands ready to mobilize our incident responders and forensic investigators at a moment’s notice to join you in the trenches.

Showing strength - no matter the security incident at hand.

Each incident is unique and at Avertium, our experts assemble the right combination of tools, methodologies, and people to tackle the distinct challenges presented and ensure an efficient and effective resolution. 

Customers are updated daily, weekly, or via post incident briefings as the situation demands. 

» Ransomware

» Advanced Persistent Threats

» Banking Trojan Outbreaks

» Malware + Worm Outbreaks

» Business Email Compromises

» Spear Phishing Attacks

» Drive-by Downloads

» Insider Threat

» Social Engineering

» Unauthorized Access

» Data Exfiltration