We are Avertium - the strongest element.



Security. It’s in our DNA. It’s elemental, foundational. Something that an always-on, everything’s-IoT-connected world depends on. But it’s more than just a concept. On any given day, our people could be the one decision, one call, or one insight standing between our client and a very real threat to the work they do.

Avertium was born from 4 award-winning cybersecurity firms in 2019. Today, helping mid-to-enterprise organizations protect assets and manage risk is our only business. Our mission is to make our customers’ world a safer place so that they may thrive in an always-on, connected world.


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Join the Avertium Team

A career in cybersecurity means digging deeper into the complexities of a workspace to find where the real vulnerabilities lie. It means asking the tough questions no one else dared to ask. It means making sure that every password, every smart bulb, and every IP address is a stronghold – not a weak spot.
It’s not only about fixing breaches – it’s making sure they don’t happen in the first place.

That’s what makes everyone at Avertium the strongest element.


  Be a part of something bigger.  

When tackling our customer’s most complex security challenges, Avertium operates as a unit. We rise, inspire, and achieve as a team.

  Adapt + evolve your skillset.  

Change waits for no one. The Avertium team meets these challenges head-on with a mindset that’s oriented toward continuous learning.

  Take your career to the next level.  

Avertium is changing the cybersecurity game, so our company is constantly iterating, constantly adapting, and constantly evolving. We are growing, and so can you.

Our Elemental Values

Collaborative Contribution

The cyber war is waged on many fronts... and we know we can’t fight it alone. With a collaborative mindset, we rise together, inspire together, and achieve together.

Act with Integrity

In this business, trust is absolutely critical trust in our client relationships, as well as internal trust. We must always act with integrity first, and egos last.

Continuous Learning

Our clients look to us as their guide... and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. That’s why we must be relentless in our pursuit of continuous learning.

Empower Yourself, Empower Others

Changing the cybersecurity game requires us to take initiative and to be empowered. It also requires us to empower others, whether that be our team or our clients.

Deliver Excellence

At the end of the day, Avertium owns outcomes. We find purpose in excellence... and we strive to deliver excellence every day.



We are  Avertium  -
the strongest element.


Attack Chaos with Context.


Show No Weakness.