Avertium Solutions for Microsoft Security

With end-to-end support from strategy to daily operations, Avertium empowers you to maximize your Microsoft Security.


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End-to-end support that minimizes risk and seamlessly scales your security operations.

Our interconnected three-step approach – Assess, Design, and Protect – ensures transparency and collaboration, aligning with your organization's unique cyber maturity journey. 



Get a clear picture of your current state.

With Avertium’s Microsoft baseline assessment, you get a comprehensive view of your Microsoft technology investment, compliance landscape, attack surface, and risk posture in just 3 weeks.


Prioritize and optimize your security architecture.

Gain efficiency in the short-term and build towards a long-term security infrastructure that can scale.


Fuse together your cybersecurity operations for continuous improvement and proactive protection.

Get true 24/7/365 coverage and protection while continuously improving through threat protection, seamless Microsoft integrations, proactive threat identification, and regular tuning and testing.



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Companies turn to Avertium to overcome barriers and maximize their Microsoft Security investment.

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Untitled design-May-25-2023-04-54-35-8575-PM   Limited Internal Cyber Defense Resources

   Comprehensive threat detection, operational monitoring, and incident response to security solutions

Untitled design-May-25-2023-04-54-35-8575-PM    Lack of In-House SOC Expertise

   Compliance planning, security design, technology integration, threat identification, and ongoing tuning to maximize protection

Untitled design-May-25-2023-04-54-35-8575-PM   Inefficient Defense Operations

   A more strategic, more proactive approach to cybersecurity vs. tactical and reactive

[Avertium] has an inherent ability to understand [us]... and what we might need.

"They have an inherent ability to understand what we're doing, to work with us and give us the depth that we need, not only within our SIEM and our daily monitoring processes, but beyond that into other technologies that we might need."

    Avertium Customer


With Avertium at the head of your Microsoft Security Stack, your company is positioned to adapt, attack, and evolve with the threat landscape.

More Secure

Get a measurably safer environment that prevents risk and adapts to emerging threats with a process that is designed to serve your business and a team that prioritizes your cyber maturity.

More Compliant

Avertium connects, correlates, and operationalizes your data across your attack surface – all while providing continuity of service and compliance-driven risk reduction for a competitive advantage.

More Return on Investment

Drive efficiency within your teams, leverage external expertise for complete protection, and overall, get more from your Microsoft tools with Avertium’s fused cybersecurity.

More Efficient

Take advantage of Microsoft Security Solutions' capabilities while unburdening your security teams and reducing total cost of ownership.

More Maturity

Access expertise that enables you to simplify, scale, and level up your security posture – no matter where you are on your cyber maturity journey.

More Visibility

Get 24/7/365 visibility over your entire environment to reduce risk and stop threats across remote endpoints.



We are fusing insights and technology...

"We are not just breaking down the walls between professional and managed services. We are fusing insights and technology so that intelligence drives MDR outcomes that are more informed, robust, and cost-effective over time."

    Avertium CEO, Bill Carroll


Avertium has the capability and capacity to expertly assess, design, and protect your Microsoft Security Solutions – all in the context of your larger cybersecurity strategy.

Microsoft Certified

Certified Avertium security professionals: Microsoft Security Operations Analyst, Azure Security Engineer Associates, and 365 Security Administration

Comprehensive Microsoft XDR Protection

Identity, Office365, Cloud Apps, Endpoint


True 24/7/365 monitoring, management, and human response to security incidents