Microsoft Issues Warning for Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

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Security. It’s in our DNA. It’s elemental, foundational. Something that an always-on, everything’s-IoT-connected world depends on. But it’s more than just a concept. On any given day, our people could be the one decision, one call, or one insight standing between our client and a very real threat to the work they do. 

A career in cybersecurity means digging deeper into the complexities of a workspace to find where the real vulnerabilities lie. It’s checking all the boxes, but then asking the tough questions no one else dared to ask. It’s making sure that every password, every smart bulb, and every IP address is a stronghold not a weak spot. It’s not only about fixing breaches – it’s making sure they don’t happen in the first place.

That’s what makes everyone at Avertium the strongest element. 

Our mission: Make our customers’ world a safer place so that they may thrive in an always-on, connected world.

Pursue your cybersecurity career at Avertium, the leading provider of accessible cybersecurity consulting services to the mid-market and enterprise level.

Work as a team

We got your back. We win as a team and support each other as we take on customers’ security challenges.

Evolve your skills

The cybersecurity landscape is ever changing, and so are we. You will be challenged and learn more every day.

Advance your career

We are growing, and so can you. New capabilities and new customers at three locations present new roles and new opportunities.