Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App Vulnerability Overview

This threat report is about a Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App vulnerability referred to as CVE-2020-3263. Because of its high severity impact, CVE-2020-3263 has been given a 7.5 base CVSS Score.

The exploitation of this vulnerability could allow a remote unauthenticated attacker to execute programs on an end user's system. Cisco has released software updates to remediate this vulnerability in the affected product versions, and the link is provided at the end of this threat report.

CVE-2020-3263 Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures

This vulnerability is caused by improper input validation supplied to application URLs in Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App versions 39.5.12 and prior. When software does not validate input properly, the control flow and data flow of the program can be affected.

If an attacker successfully gains initial access to a vulnerable system, they could use this weakness to manipulate the input the application receives. Improper Input Validation is a common weakness referred to as CWE-20.

An attacker could exploit CVE-2020-3263 by persuading a user to follow a malicious URL. Successful exploitation could allow the attacker to influence the application to run programs already present on the machine. If any malicious files have been planted on the host or on an accessible network file path, the attacker could execute arbitrary code on the system.

How the Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App Vulnerability Affects You

The exploitation of this vulnerability could have a critical impact on an organization since it could lead to arbitrary code execution and resource control. If a device is successfully compromised, it could lead to additional hosts being affected on the network.

  • Could result in malicious code execution and control of a host running one of the vulnerable software versions.
  • May lead to additional assets on the network being compromised.
  • May result in the exfiltration or loss of sensitive financial, device, account, or security data.

Remediating CVE-2020-3263

Avertium highly recommends you verify all devices running Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App have installed the latest update to remediate this vulnerability. See below for more information and the CVE-2020-3263 update link.

Cisco Security Advisory (Update information):

IBM X-Force Exchange:


CWE-20: (Improper Input Validation):


MITRE Mapping(s):

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