The program simplifies and increases the manageability of the HIPAA compliance process 

Avertium, a leading provider of accessible managed security and security consulting services to the midmarket and enterprise, today announced the launch of its HIPAA Certification Program (HCP). The underlying methodology coupled with Avertium industry experts guide companies toward achieving compliance with applicable HIPAA Security, Privacy, and Breach Notification Rules that are specific to each company. 

Avertium CEO Jeff Schmidt says the HIPAA Certification Program (HCP) provides a cost-effective way for organizations to fulfill HIPAA requirements and to ensure ongoing compliance to avoid potentially disastrous consequences.

“With penalties as high as $500,000 for noncompliance, lost revenue, and patient trust, HIPAA compliance is an organizational imperative for healthcare organizations as well as their extended supply chain,” said Schmidt. "Avertium's year-round certification program empowers companies by partnering with them to achieve and maintain compliance so that they may focus on providing mission-critical care and services," he added.  

Avertium's HCP takes the stress of compliance of the workforce by helping to explain the HIPAA rules and how they apply to a business, as well as how the rules compare to state mandates which precede those set at the Federal level.  

The HCP is made up of the following:

Annual HIPAA Risk Assessment: Identifies and documents areas of risk associated with the creation, storage, transmission, and processing of ePHI.

HIPAA Gap Analysis Service: Identifies and reports gaps between HIPAA rules and the organization’s policies, procedures, systems, and applications.

HIPAA Roadmap to Security and Compliance: Builds a plan in partnership with the customer with prioritized HIPAA remediation tasks, task assignments, timelines, and estimated budgets.

Trustmark and Documentation: Certify the organization has been independently evaluated by Avertium and documents its attestation.

Quarterly Touchpoints: Regular meetings with an Avertium healthcare security consultant that cover upcoming changes to the HIPAA laws, OCR guidance, technology trends, and industry best practices. 

Avertium's HCP leverages the success of a similar program at Sword & Shield Enterprise Security, one of the three companies that merged to create Avertium. 

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Avertium is a leading provider of accessible managed security and security consulting services to the midmarket and enterprise. Founded in 2019 when leading growth equity firm Sunstone Partners acquired award-winning cybersecurity companies Terra Verde Security, TruShield, and Sword & Shield Enterprise Security, Avertium’s team of highly certified security experts serves more than 1,200 customers in the retail, healthcare, hospitality, financial services, manufacturing, and government sectors nationwide. Managed security services customers enjoy 24×7 monitoring from dual security operations centers located in Arizona and Tennessee. For more information, visit

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