Penetration Testing + Social Engineering



Get visibility into the health of your cybersecurity program and build cybersecurity resilience.


Avertium’s adversarial simulation (AdSim) identifies your vulnerabilities before an attacker can exploit them.

  • Internal Pen Tests

  • External Pen Tests

  • Whitebox Pen Tests

  • Blackbox Pen Tests

  • Mobile Web Application Testing

  • Integrations

  • Phishing Assessments

  • Red Team Exercises

  • Blue Team Exercises

  • Purple Team Exercises

Avertium’s offensive security experts and pen testers go beyond automated tools to empower true risk mitigation.

    Vulnerability Identification

   Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Used

   Evaluation of Incident Responders

    Recommendations for Improvements

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Get accessible insight that prioritizes business continuity while driving clarity, efficiency, and action.

  • Customized, Realistic Recommendations – Custom business risk analysis and recommendations that bulk up the maturity of your detection and response policies and procedures.

  • Compliance – Fulfills many compliance requirements like FINRA, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, or NIST SP800-115.

  • Plan + Prioritize Upgrades More Effectively – With a full inventory of the devices connected to the enterprise, you can proactively plan + prioritize your security upgrades, mitigating the risk of a breach.

business-first security pen test and social engineering


Uncover blind spots + weak links from the perspective of an attacker. Then, use it to adapt, attack, and evolve.

  • Hacker Mindset – Well-versed in CTI and MITRE ATT&CK means Avertium’s expert pen testers are trained in the latest TTPs of attackers.

  • Technology Utilization – Identify misconfigured security tools / gaps in your security stack, while learning new and better ways to leverage security technology.

  • Visibility – Full visibility into the devices and their corresponding vulnerabilities on your network.

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Go beyond automated tools and get the expertise, the context, and the support needed to measure risk and find the path forward.

  • Context Around the Potential Impacts – Through a customized impact analysis, Avertium's ethical hackers walk you through the identified issues and potential effects of discovered security vulnerabilities.

  • Culture of Cybersecurity – Instill an organization-wide culture and commitment to cybersecurity resilience.

human element pen test and social engineering

  A strong balance between mitigating risk and keeping the business going.  

"I trust implicitly the leadership and the quality of resources that are brought to the table. [Avertium] always advises us in the direction of a strong balance between how you mitigate risk and how you also keep the business going."

    Avertium Customer