Leveraging Zero Trust Architecture to Contain & Combat Ransomware

Ransomware is still on the rise. And with data breaches rapidly increasing, the traditional, perimeter-based security network approach is becoming more complex to protect. In their pursuit of network visibility and restricted access to patient PII, cybersecurity professionals in the healthcare space are turning to a Zero Trust approach.

In this Zero Trust Architecture eBook, you will learn:

  1. How ransomware works and the basics of how a "Zero Trust" security model strengthens your security architecture
  2. How to leverage Zero Trust to get visibility and combat ransomware for all endpoints - inside and outside of your institution's network perimeter
  3. Case studies of recent ransomware attacks in the healthcare space

Gain visibility on who's on your network by downloading our free eBook on how to contain and combat ransomware utilizing Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA).