Budgeting for a Modern SIEM

A guide to managing security and financial risks during business growth.

For CEOs, growth is a welcome challenge as it’s an indicator that business is healthy. For CISOs, growth poses real challenges as they consider the cost of new technologies versus risk exposure as the business becomes a more attractive target for cyber adversaries.

While budgeting for a security information and event management (SIEM) system, CISOs are often faced with a trade-off between limiting security threats and the cost of security operations.

In this guide to SIEM pricing models, we educate SIEM buyers on how to mitigate the security and financial risks associated with business growth and digital transformation.

  1. Learn how business growth has a direct impact on the enterprise security posture
  2. Make unpredictable IT infrastructure expenditure more predictable
  3. Avoid the trade-off between cost and enterprise risk exposure