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HIPAA Compliance Certification Program + Consulting

HIPAA Compliance Certification Program + Consulting

Get audit-ready with Avertium's proven certification program for HIPAA compliance.

HIPAA violations costs companies between $100 and $50,000 per incident. Even though more than 20 years have passed since HIPAA was enacted, compliance requirements are still not well understood. More than 500 HIPAA breaches are currently under investigation by authorities.

Avertium goes beyond the typical, check-the-box approach to HIPAA compliance. Our experts work with you to conduct the initial risk assessment and remediation plan outlining the technical and non-technical safeguards necessary. In our program, we also identify and translate the myriad of state-specific mandates relevant to your business that supersede HIPAA. 

Avertium helped us stay on track...

“Avertium helped us stay on track with all of our assessments. The important part has been the regular touch points to make sure we are making progress and it’s not just that we have the assessment and it’s over.”
Heather Burdine
Director of Operations and HIPAA Compliance Officer

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Avertium proven certification program offers a comprehensive, collaborative, show-no-weakness approach to HIPAA Compliance.

Avertium’s HIPAA Certification Program (HCP) is designed to meet the needs of compliance and IT executives alike, benefitting any company that processes and manages patient health information. 

HIPAA Certification Trustmark

All Avertium HIPAA Certification Program customers receive one of three designations — Certified, Validated and Assessed — and are provided the corresponding Avertium trustmark.