Microsoft Issues Warning for Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

No more blind spots, weak links, or fire drills.

In an ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, new threats emerge daily. Having a regular cadence of vulnerability assessments and penetration testing tools is critical in helping your organization bulk up its cybersecurity posture. 

By simulating the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of real-world attackers, a VA/PT from Avertium not only gives visibility into the health of your cybersecurity program, but also offers clear, actionable solutions that prevent hackers from infiltrating your systems. 

Vulnerability Assessment + Pen Testing Service Brief

The Avertium Advantage

Avertium applies more rigor through pen testing to identify and assess vulnerabilities. While many testing companies only leverage a vulnerability scanner’s analytics and reporting capabilities, then apply Metasploit techniques to pen test, Avertium’s offensive security experts and pen testers go beyond automated tools to provide insights from an attacker’s point of view to empower you to mitigate risks.

Full Visibility of the Devices in Your Network

With a VA/PT test from Avertium, you get an inventory of all of the devices in the enterprise and their corresponding vulnerabilities.

Context Around the Potential Impacts

Through a customized impact analysis, Avertium's specialists walk you through the identified issues and potential effects of discovered vulnerabilities.

Plan + Prioritize Upgrades More Effectively

With a full inventory of the devices connected to the enterprise, you can proactively plan and conduct upgrade planning, mitigating the risk of a breach.