Microsoft Issues Warning for Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

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Web + Mobile Application Security Assessments

Web + Mobile Application Security Assessments

Catch web and mobile application vulnerabilities before bad actors can exploit them.

Web and mobile applications are here to stay.

Regardless if they are core business applications or productivity tools, these applications present opportunities for cyber criminals. They effectively could be gateways to your company’s sensitive data, intellectual property assets and network infrastructure.  

Assessing the security level of web applications and mobile apps isn’t just good risk management. In many cases, it has the added benefit of keeping up with compliance.

Enter the Avertium application security service offering.

DFIR - Digital forensic

A commitment to application security is a commitment to data privacy and security.

Avertium experts use a combination of automation tools, utilities and hands-on testing techniques to perform web applications and mobile app security assessments with more rigor. 

Tactical Remediation Plan; Board-level Value

Through the use of a proprietary tool, we generate a comprehensive report outlining vulnerabilities, risks, and business impact, along with a detailed technical remediation road-map prioritized according to enterprise-specific risk thresholds.

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Avertium Security Assessment Advantage

A Comprehensive Approach

Your app assessor has access to robust internal resources that look at the whole picture. 

Penetration Tests

Built-in white and black box testing performed by certified experts.

Customized Remediation Roadmaps

A plan customized to your organization comes as a standard deliverable.