Why Avertium?

Context over chaos. That's what Avertium's approach is all about.
Adapt. Attack. Evolve.



We believe that security is an enabler to making companies go faster. Our business-first mentality enables stakeholders to lead the charge in digital transformation and adopt a modern workplace without compromising security or business continuity.

Security strategy isn't done in a vacuum - it's a part of the larger business strategy... the two must be tightly aligned.

Cybersecurity isn’t about saying no to innovation... it’s about how to get to “yes” safely. It’s about creating resilience. It's about identifying and aligning with what the business needs are and how the program can fit into that. It’s about creating solutions that scale with your business. It’s about arming CISOs with everything that’s needed to drive action on the ground, and influence in the boardroom.

Avertium’s business-first mindset protects your business-critical assets while helping you align cybersecurity investment with the path to business innovation.

Performance-Driven approach


Comprehensive Coverage without Sacrificing Business Continuity 


Leverage Existing Technology Investment


End-to-End Partner

Cyber Fusion Philosophy

Avertium is able to give you the broadest possible visibility + coverage across your network, your assets, and your people because we believe in programs and context - not point solutions and chaos.

Avertium’s approach isn’t about pushing tools or technology. Bringing context to the chaos requires a big-picture, programmatic approach; one that leverages the right combination of innovative technology, field-validated threat intelligence, and resource empowerment to reduce complexity, streamline your operations, and expertly manage your attack surface.

Open + Modular


Data Source Visibility


Enterprise-Grade Workflows + Remediation


Tuned to Your Unique Environment


Avertium brings a human element into the chaos created by disconnected technologies.

In cyber warfare, you’re often fighting your own technology from within and humans from the outside. Technology does not have to be your enemy - it’s your weapon. Avertium puts humans at the forefront of technology, bringing superior teaming at both a tactical and strategic level alongside deep capabilities in every cybersecurity specialty from monitoring and detection to training and compliance, plus the commitment to work collaboratively with every single client.

The result? Execution of a better security strategy from a team dedicated to acting faster because we know you, know your systems, know your business, and know what we’re doing.

Dedicated Team


Approach-Focused > Tool-Focused


Capability + Collaboration


Muscle Memory

Meet Avertium's Cyber Fusion Centers

We call our security operation centers (SOCs) Cyber Fusion Centers because we go beyond your basic threat detection and response, connecting, correlating, and mobilizing all data sources from within and without... attacking chaos with context.


Security experts learned that while it is possible to gather all of the pieces of the puzzle, it is far more difficult to figure out how they fit together. Learning how to “see” threats requires the broadest view of data - not just from security tools.

At Avertium's CFCs, we take a more programmatic approach, fusing together threat intelligence, data analytics, security information and event management (SIEM) technologies, security operations (SecOps), and more to contextualize and integrate security activities, increasing efficiency and reducing risk for all of our clients.

Cyber Fusion Philosophy

Why Trust Avertium

Over  1,200 enterprise + midmarket  organizations across   15 industries  turn to Avertium when they need help bringing  context to the chaos .




2 (24/7/365) us-based cyber fusion centers

  Avertium is an exceptional managed security partner.  

"They have been an excellent partner. As we continue to strengthen our security posture, Avertium has been side by side with us as we develop our roadmap. In the fast-moving security world, they remain solid in their approach of providing what is needed, when it is needed."

    CIO | Avertium Customer

  Avertium is a true customer-centric managed security service.  

"Avertium is a true customer-centric managed security service. I've been very happy with their services and the technical knowledge levels that their analysts have in troubleshooting security incidents. I'd recommend Avertium to anyone that wants to use their security operations center (SOC) as a strong security partner. Their open culture makes it easy to get access to leadership for specific situations or topics."

    Director of Information Security | Avertium Customer

  Avertium is flexible across the entire continuum...  

They can do everything from managing and monitoring my network from a security standpoint all the way to order and presentations. That’s one thing I’ve truly appreciated - Avertium has those levels of skills and they can be flexible across that entire continuum.

    Avertium Customer

our partners

Rather than point solutions, Avertium is able to fuse, integrate, and optimize SIEM, EDR, Vulnerability Management, Managed GRC, Zero Trust Networking, and others into a comprehensive cyber program, all by our certified experts 24/7.

In the cyber war, you’re not fighting technology... you’re fighting the humans behind the technology. That takes a human approach. With Avertium + its strategic technology partners, you’ll get everything you need and nothing you don’t.