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Zero Trust Network Access - ZTNA

Zero Trust Network Access - ZTNA

Zero Complexity with Managed Zero Trust Networking by Avertium.

Expanding endpoints and cloud computing environments have decimated the perimeter, a process accelerated by a rapid transition to work-from-anywhere. Gone are strictly on-premises solutions, making way for complex architecture that can allow a single trusted but compromised device unfettered access – Zero Trust Networking Access.

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For enterprises seeking a more rigorous, more responsive and more relevant security posture, Zero Trust is the answer.

As a key component of Avertium’s rigorous approach to providing extended detection and response (XDR), ZTNA gives our customers more visibility into data across networks, the cloud, endpoints, and applications.

More Rigor

Enhanced Data Protection

Avertium’s approach to ZTNA enforces
protocols that restrict network and/or data
access to authenticated and authorized
users and devices.

More Relevance

Enhanced Containment Viability

Rigorous enforcement of least privilege and
need-to-know protocols enforces continuous entitlement evaluate, authentication and authorization requirements, and thereby
boost the ability to contain threats.

More Responsiveness

Faster Breach Detection +
Superior Response

Higher level of visibility that spotlights unauthorized users faster, allowing for
enhanced containment and stronger,
more timely incident response. 


Avertium & Appgate
Zero Trust Network Access

At Avertium, we work with industry leading technology platforms to help you bulk up your security networks and processes. With Appgate’s secure solutions, it will enable your business with a security strategy to reduce risk, remove complexity, and instill the confidence needed to move forward.

“Any enterprise seeking a simple but effective way to eliminate the threats present for enterprises using hybrid infrastructure should explore Appgate’s offerings.” 
— Forrester Wave (Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem Platform Providers, Q3 2020.)

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Joint Service Brief

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) stops malicious traffic at the edge before it can infiltrate your organization's security perimeter.

Works with Existing Security Investment

Our ZTNA services integrate a software-defined solution throughout new or pre-existing environments to secure access to any device including servers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

End-User Friendly

Avertium provides access and authorization security without impacting productivity or ease-of-use, thanks to integrated solutions that operate securely across different devices, applications, networks, and locations. 

Enhanced Security

Avertium’s approach to ZTNA enforces protocols that restrict network and/or data access to authenticated and authorized users and devices.

Reduced Complexity

We make being secure simple by encompassing functions within a cloud-based architecture to orient and manage operations within a single, simplified context. 


Zero Trust: Fast-Tracking Security in the New Work Anywhere Norm

In this free, on-demand webcast, you’ll learn:

  • The business case for Zero Trust as part of a risk management strategy
  • The benefits and limitations of Zero Trust
  • Deployment best practices and tools