By fusing together maturity assessments, technology, and an army of experts that hold over 400 certifications in virtually every compliance framework, Avertium streamlines processes, removes the burden from your internal teams, and transform compliance requirements into a cyber maturity roadmap.

Don’t just check the boxes. Use compliance mandates to build a security strategy.


GRCaaS 4-step approach

Drive efficiency, clarity, and measurable value with GRCaaS from Avertium.

1: assess

Conduct readiness or risk assessment for your organization’s specific compliance requirements.

2: develop + deploy

Develop security policies and operational procedures that satisfy your compliance requirements.

3. submit

Submit required documentation on an ongoing basis. 

4. maintain

Make necessary updates, review configuration standards to ensure they are up-to-date, and proactively collect information during scheduled check-ins.

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GRCaaS Portal

Turn your compliance requirements into a cyber maturity roadmap. 

Avertium’s GRCaaS portal centralizes management and visibility of all things compliance in one view. No more exchanging files back and forth by email.  Our platform will provide your team with the ability to analyze data, create questionnaire and tasks for individual business units and providers, schedule interviews, and immediately integrate insights into a more comprehensive score.


GRCaaS Portal 2


GRCaaS Portal

Fuse compliance into your security strategy.

With Avertium’s GRCaaS portal, you can measure the health of your security controls today and get ahead of compliance requirements tomorrow.  

Proactively navigate GRC and unburden your teams.

Proactively navigate GRC processes, policies, and procedures while reducing documentation burden on your internal security teams.

GRCaaS Portal 4

Project manage the compliance process with ease and clarity. 

With a centralized control catalog, Avertium’s GRCaaS portal stops annual fire drills by enabling year-round compliance.

GRCaaS Portal 3

Drive greater collaboration between various teams.

Remove silos and enhance your organization's ability to develop a compliance-focused strategy that shows no weakness.

GRCaaS Portal 1

  Avertium meets all our security needs...  

"I used to engage specific security consultants based on the needs [I had]. Well, with Avertium, they have an expert in every area of compliance and security that I’ve ever needed."

   Avertium Customer

compliance mandates

Compliance mandates

Compliance mandates

Compliance mandates

Compliance mandates

Compliance mandates

Compliance mandates

Our Methodology

Over 1,200 enterprise + midmarket organizations across 15 industries
turn to Avertium when they need help bringing context to the chaos.



Balance business requirements with information security compliance mandates by taking it from static GRC to dynamic GRCaaS.


Cyber Fusion ENGINE

Build a custom GRC program that integrates across multiple compliance frameworks – all while improving your overall security posture.



Unburden security teams with proactive, consultative support that offers clarity, process, and resource continuity.


 Over 1,200  companies have turned to Avertium to bring context to the chaos of GRC.





2 (24/7/365) us-based cyber fusion centers