Managed PCI

No more scrambling to address vulnerabilities ahead of an audit. Avertium’s continuous, proactive approach to PCI compliance unburdens internal teams and drives organizational efficiency.



At Avertium, we believe that businesses fare better with PCI compliance requirements when they do not have to scramble right before the annual assessment date. 

We see PCI compliance as a driver of security maturity, a way to reduce business risk, safeguard business continuity, and protect your company's reputation in the market. 



why managed pci?

Unlike traditional PCI compliance services that are static and point-in-time, Managed PCI from Avertium is dynamic – built to evolve alongside your business.


Whether you need help building a PCI program from scratch or just need a utility player to fill in the gaps, Avertium offers end-to-end support at every stage of the PCI compliance journey.

During the creation of your PCI compliance program, Avertium...

  • Assesses your PCI scope + conduct a risk assessment

  • Defines roles and responsibilities

  • Develops policies and procedures

  • Implements technical controls

  • Conducts employee training


Never miss a scan, and never miss a deadline with Avertium’s continuous PCI approach. Our monthly meetings include a review to address any compliance gaps, ensure tasks are being performed, and validate controls for effectiveness.

Avertium helps you efficiently and effectively maintain your existing program through...

  • Regular assessments 

  • Remediation

  • Monitoring and management 

  • Reporting

IT iS simplified

Avertium’s Managed PCI program makes achieving or maintaining PCI compliance straightforward, manageable, and tailored to your unique business context.

We go beyond check-the-box PCI compliance, enabling you to...

  • Customize controls fit for your organizational needs

  • Create a new system in place to check password integrity

  • Save costs on having to buy new tools and technology (Managed PCI can be customized to fit your existing systems)

managed pci OUTCOMES

Make PCI compliance a useful driver of security maturity and risk reduction.

Maintain Compliance

Seamlessly maintain compliance without disruption to the business.

Unburden Teams

Unburden your internal teams and reduce documentation requirements.

Drive Maturity and Efficiency

Get more value from assessment insights while reducing the cost of PCI compliance.

Reduce Fire Drills

Make PCI compliance business as usual instead of an annual fire drill.



our process

PCI compliance is complex. With over 400 testing procedures, Avertium helps you achieve PCI compliance through 12 core requirements:

  1. Implement firewalls to protect data

  2. Maintain appropriate password protection

  3. Protect cardholder data

  4. Encrypt cardholder data

  5. Utilize antivirus and anti-malware software

  6. Update software and maintain security systems on a regular basis

  7. Restrict access to cardholder data

  8. Require unique IDs assigned to those with access to data

  9. Restrict physical access to data storage

  10. Create and monitor access logs

  11. Test security systems on a regular basis

  12. Create a policy that is documented and that can be followed

  "We’ve never failed a security audit from a customer because of what we’ve established..."   

“They have a capable and competent team. They have an acute attention to detail and they’re never afraid to call it like it is. They usually have their core recs, and then a broader scope of recs that really adds a lot of value to things beyond PCI. We’ve never failed a security audit from a customer because of what we’ve established – Avertium has been a huge part of that success.” 

  Max Goldfarb, CISO at Internova Travel  Group 

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Drive organizational efficiency. Eliminate PCI fire drills.

Avertium’s continuous, proactive approach unburdens internal teams and drives organizational efficiency by giving them the time and space to remediate vulnerabilities. 

Business-First Security

Because of our comprehensive approach, businesses get more meaningful value and strategic insights from PCI mandates – all while reducing the fully-loaded cost of establishing or maintaining PCI compliance. 

Cyber Fusion Engine

Avertium's approach is end-to-end. Everything Avertium does (such as Compliance Framework Mapping & Validation for GRC including: NIST, HIPAA, ISO, SOC etc.) is tied to that bigger picture of security strategy

Human Element

Avertium's deep bench of PCI experts and service-first approach makes it easy to navigate each control. Our regular check-ins enable meticulous project management, allowing for regular follow-ups with your team to ensure action items for PCI do not slip through the cracks.  

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Our experts are Secure Software Assessors who have earned the PCI Council’s rigorous security, audit, and penetration testing certifications.