When it comes to cybersecurity, you can't protect what you can’t see, and you can’t get clarity without context. That’s where Avertium comes in.



how we help protect with tdr

Get a cyber maturity roadmap and technical security design that guides daily and long-term defense operations.​

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Managed SIEM

Cut through the noise and move your security strategy from static to dynamic, fusing together your data and threat intelligence.

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Managed Detection + Response (MDR)

Build a more strategic, more proactive cybersecurity detection and response program – one that has total threat coverage across your cybersecurity environment and accelerates your cyber maturity.​

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Fusion MXDR

Fuse together all aspects of security operations into a living, breathing, threat-informed XDR solution – one that endures changes in your business and changes in the threat landscape.

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  They always balance risk with how to keep the business going...  

"I implicitly trust the leadership and quality of resources that are brought to the table by Avertium. They always advise us in the direction that balances how to mitigate risk with how to keep the business going."

   Avertium Customer

  It's like working with your best friend!  

"Avertium has been a critical part of our success as a company for the better part of 5 years now. Everybody from project and account management to the soc engineers are great, knowledgeable people to work with. Avertium provides a small town "family" feel that makes the working relationship smooth and effective."

    Security & Risk Management | Avertium Customer

  Avertium is flexible across the entire continuum...  

"They can do everything from managing and monitoring my network from a security standpoint all the way to order and presentations. That’s one thing I’ve truly appreciated - Avertium has those levels of skills and they can be flexible across that entire continuum."

    Avertium Customer

Fusion Portal

Your one place to organize and streamline workflow.​

​The Fusion Portal enables the unification of all aspects of your security operations, giving you greater visibility, greater control, and seamless collaboration with your dedicated Avertium team.​


Cyber Fusion Portal Demo


Leverage the Cyber Risk Score to evaluate your organization's security health.

Get a comprehensive analysis of potential threats, vulnerabilities, and overall security effectiveness.

security health

Initiate threat response and get help on next steps if you’ve been breached.

In the event that customers are breached, they can initiate threat response right in the portal and it will initiate a scope of work (SOW) process.​

Initiate threat response

Get less noise, and more control.​

​Request tuning within the portal for rules that are creating a lot of noise. In addition, this feature serves as a catch-all for any customer inquiries, not limited to active cases, that customers can view at any given point.​

Request tuning

Get comprehensive reporting at any time.

Reports are self-service, allowing clients to review them as they see fit. Monthly trends and the top 10 alerts are automatically generated. ​

comprehensive reporting



Get the broadest possible coverage across your network, your assets, and your people while developing a more custom, strategic, and adaptable approach to cybersecurity.​

More Secure

Rest easy knowing that you’re protected by 2 fully-redundant Cyber Fusion Centers with 24/7/365 monitoring, protection, and rapid response. 

More Compliant

Access expertise that enables you to simplify, scale, and level up your security posture and compliance needs – no matter where you are on your cyber maturity journey.​

More ROI

Get proactive measures to continuously refine your defenses, delivering you real insight and real value that goes way beyond the alert.​

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why avertium

Adapt. Attack. Evolve.

Business-First Security

Measure impact with regular reporting that’s  presented in the context of your business goals.​

Fusion Engine

Integrate disparate tools across the security stack to deliver a single, complete view of threats so you can detect quickly, investigate efficiently, and respond with agility.​

Human Element

Hunt threats before they hunt you with a contextual approach delivered by a dedicated team.​


Our Partners

Avertium partners with trusted technologies within cybersecurity. Together, we work to enhance your security posture, processes, and more.


Continuously protect your assets with Avertium.