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avertium incident response retainer

Falling prey to an incident can happen to anyone, so having the right incident response team in place is crucial. That’s where Avertium comes in.

For any forward-thinking organization, contemplating worst-case scenarios must be part of the business strategy. Avertium’s incident response retainer is a proactive solution for companies looking to shore up their defenses BEFORE a crisis strikes.


     Support for the entire incident response lifecycle

     Dedicated crisis response unit

     Rapid response in < 2 hours

     More cost-effective than emergency DFIR services

     Built-in escalation to minimize downtime

     Ability to reallocate unused hours to preventative services*


* for Flex and Protect plans only



why avertium DFIR retainer

During an incident, every second counts. Mobilize faster with Avertium.

Get a team that minimizes the impact faster because they know you, your systems, your business, and the threats you face. Our Cyber Response Units (CRU) stand at the ready to mobilize at a moment’s notice to join you in the trenches if and when crisis strikes.

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Our Approach

Adapt. Attack. Evolve.


Navigate incidents at a technical level and at a business level, including legal and reputational liabilities.


Full suite of services that help you prevent incidents, adapt, attack, evolve, and show no weakness.


Rapid response and regular touchpoints from Avertium’s Cyber Response Unit.


why avertium

Companies turn to Avertium because we address the spectrum of technical, legal, regulatory, and business impacts of the incident all with your business goals in mind.



Industries Served

2 (24/7/365)

Cyber Fusion Centers (CFC)

< 2 HOUR

Response Times

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ir retainer features

From threat intel to incident response planning to cyber risk assessments, Avertium s IR Retainer takes  end-to-end cybersecurity solutions to the
next level

Understanding the range of your organization’s needs is key when determining the right IR solutions. That’s why Avertium offers multiple options through our three distinct packages. Our Flex and Protect options provide the additional flexibility of reallocating unused retainer hours to other IR services, allowing you to skip your company’s budgeting approval process.

Incident Response Defend


Incident Response Flex
Incident Response Protect

Retainer Hours Included 

40 Hours

80 Hours

120 Hours

Emergency IR Services

Response within 2 hours of incident

Threat Intelligence Reporting

Cyber Risk Assessment (ASA-1)


Tabletop Exercise


Reallocate Unused Retainer Hours

For Visibility Study, NIST CSF, Penetration Testing, and Threat Hunting.


Incident Response (IR) Plan Review


Semi-Annual Threat Briefing




Avertium offers a comprehensive array of solutions to support the full incident response lifecycle.

Shoring up your defenses requires knowledge of your entire attack surface, integrated technologies, as well as proactive action that addresses potential points of exposure.



ir lifecycle


    Plan Development: IR, Business Continuity, Disaster

   Digital and Mobile Forensics

   Tabletop Exercises

   Managed Security

   Penetration Testing