Avertium is the only MSSP with a show-no-weakness approach to implementing, managing, and customizing
LogRhythm’s NextGen SIEM Platform.



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Avertium's LogRhythm capabilities provide a powerful arsenal of high-performance security, compliance, and operational solutions.



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A preview of LogRhythm's patented and award-winning Security Intelligence Platform.

Why do companies turn to Avertium for LogRhythm Managed SIEM Services?

For its modern capabilities and role in an XDR environment:

Once a company outgrows their existing SIEM, they select LogRhythm for its modern capabilities and role in an XDR environment. The high demand for LogRhythm certified experts, a tight implementation timeframe, along with the need for 24/7/365 network monitoring, detection, and response leads the company to seek external resources.

For expertise to fully leverage its advanced capabilities:

Companies seek an MSSP with expertise in optimizing and tuning the LogRhythm platform to fully leverage its advanced capabilities while also possessing the experience in security incident response.

For additional cybersecurity services all in one place:

Companies seek an MSSP with LogRhythm expertise that also provides additional cybersecurity consulting and compliance assessment services.



LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform Demo:
Track the Progression of a Critical Infrastructure Attack 2021

let us prove it to you

400 +



Devices Under Management

2 (24/7/365)

Cyber Fusion Centers (CFC)


Security Event to Alert Ratio

Our Approach

Adapt. Attack. Evolve.


Deep LogRhythm expertise that achieves faster time to deployment and ROI.

According to Forrester, the average financial impact of LogRhythm offers 258% ROI after just three years.

With our proprietary playbook on threat hunting, correlation, and escalation techniques, it ensures faster time to threat detection, containment, and remediation for your business.


Comprehensive expertise to connect and build cybersecurity resilience.

Achieve deep visibility into your environment with our expertise integrating data on-premise, cloud, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, network, endpoints, etc.

Together, we collaborate with you to develop custom correlation and LogRhythm SmartResponse™ rules tailored to your unique environment.


Flexibility and dedicated support on services best fit for you.

Whether you choose to deploy LogRhythm via the traditional license model or as a subscription, Avertium’s CyberOps analysts have the flexibility to support both models.

The Avertium Engagement Methodology includes a dedicated service delivery manager that assesses your security program’s maturity, assigns a score, and develops corresponding action steps prioritized to your objectives, risk threshold, and available resources.


our methodology

The cyber war is waged on many fronts. Avertium helps you fight back  with context. 


Bringing context to the chaos, Avertium brings more relevant alerts at a 400,000 to 1 event to alert ratio with our proprietary security operations orchestration and workflow platform, our Cyber Fusion Engine.  And with our XDR capabilities, our security team of experts rapidly detect threats across attack vectors, all mapped to the industry standard MITRE ATT&CK framework. 

And over 1,200 companies have trusted Avertium to bring that context to the chaos of their cybersecurity strategy. 



Know Thy Self

Using proven frameworks like NIST CSF alongside our in-depth onboarding diagnostic, we get to know your business, your attack surface, your protocols, and your areas of greatest weakness + strengths.

Know Thy Enemy

Leveraging our cyber threat intelligence (CTI) alongside the MITRE ATT&CK framework and other vulnerability databases, we then understand current and most likely future attack scenarios.

  Proactively identifying the perfect storm on a single device out of thousands is an excellent success story.  

"With the information from Avertium, we were able to go through our vulnerability data and locate several machines with one of the vulnerabilities. But more importantly, we identified a single laptop with both vulnerabilities…Proactively identifying the perfect storm on a single device out of thousands is an excellent success story."

   Information Security Analyst, Avertium / LogRhythm Customer

security intelligence monitoring

Our LogRhythm Managed SIEM services provide extensive, actionable insight into what's happening in and around your enterprise IT environment.

When we utilize LogRhythm SIEM platform in our Cyber Fusion Centers (CFCs) to power your security operations and compliance activities as part of our XDR delivery strategy, you will be able to reliably and efficiently experience the following...

Next-Generation SIEM

Log management with NextGen SIEM, backed by service excellence from Avertium.

Centralized Compliance

Centralized compliance reporting and alerting, plus a dedicated service delivery manager from Avertium to guide you through your compliance mandates.

Advanced Intelligence

Avertium continuously tunes LogRhythm SIEM platform to your environment, helping you get the most out of LogRhythm’s advanced correlation, pattern recognition, and rapid intelligent search.

Actionable Results

Operationalize large data sets to drive actionable security operations on the ground and influence in the boardroom.

24/7/365 Coverage with SmartResponse

Combine LogRhythm’s SmartResponse with Avertium’s three Cyber Fusion Centers – the key players in giving you comprehensive coverage 24/7/365.

Multi-Dimensional Threat Detection

Multi-dimensional user / host / network behavior anomaly threat detection.

Continuous Tuning

Get constant tuning along with tailored alarms for your business through Avertium’s combined knowledge of your internal environment, the threat landscape, and LogRhythm managed SIEM platform.

System Management

From mitigation steps to security upgrades – get robust, proactive system management and actionable remediation recommendations from Avertium.

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