Take a proactive approach that enables you to get ahead of the next threat with Avertium’s threat hunters. 


Intrusion Detection

Minimize Attacker Dwell Time

Business Risk Reduction

Abate Financial, Operational & Reputational Costs

Actionable Intelligence

Improve Cybersecurity Defenses

AVERTIUM managed threat hunting

Avertium’s Managed Threat Hunting applies human expertise and best-in-class tools to proactively search for current and historical signs of malicious activity that have evaded existing security defenses.



Cyber threat hunting is a proactive cybersecurity strategy in pursuit of non-remediated cyber threats. It is NOT:

  • Reactive investigation of cyber threats (this is Security Analysis)

  • Response to detection of cyber threats (this is Incident Response)

  • Response to detection of known cyber threats (this is Targeted Threat Hunting, a form of Incident Response)

The goal is to reduce the time from the initial breach to detection which will in turn reduce the time the adversary has to achieve their objective. With Managed Threat Hunting, you get a designated threat hunter that knows your business and the threats you face, using:

  • Knowledge of attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs)

  • Frameworks such as MITRE ATT&CK

  • Threat Hunting Methodologies


Companies turn to Avertium’s Managed Threat Hunting to…

Unburden their team by providing clarity to prioritize the highest urgency findings discovered during threat hunting.


Begin threat hunting without having to hire, train and maintain the staff.

Move from reactive to proactive cybersecurity operation.

Understand how bad actors operate and the tools, techniques, and processes (TTPs) they follow to mobilize defense.

Decrease risk and enhance
cybersecurity maturity.

Improve security posture over time with actionable recommendations tailored to your environment.



Avertium’s holistic, proactive, risk-based approach to threat hunting brings the fight to the enemy.

Get a designated threat hunter who knows your business, your technology, AND the threats facing you.

Avertium’s Managed Threat Hunting is analyst-centric, not technology-centric. With years of deep cybersecurity expertise and intuition, your designated hunter…

  • Provides remediation recommendations and guidance to help mature security posture over time

  • If needed, integrates with our Cyber Fusion Center and threat response protocol to help you quickly transition to Avertium’s DFIR

  • Weekly meeting to discuss non-critical findings and discuss areas of concern for future hunts
dedicated threat hunter

Plan your defenses with weekly threat hunt reports and get clarity on actionable next steps.

Combining strategy and client collaboration, your dedicated threat hunter will…

  • Weekly detailed Threat Hunt Report

    • Provides detailed findings of threat hunts conducted.
    • Provides actionable recommendations
  • Weekly one hour Threat Hunt Review meeting

    • Review findings and recommendations of non-critical findings form previous week
    • Discuss your current areas of concern which will guide hunter for the following week

  • Metrics review based on MITRE ATT&CK to help show value and increased security posture over time.
weekly threat hunt reports

Mobilize quickly when crisis strikes with rapid response times.

Your designated threat hunter immediately notifies you of critical issues. When a critical threat is identified...

  • You will receive an escalation via ticket & phone call 

  • If subscribed to MDR, we will act on your behalf according to the established runbook

  • At your request, your threat hunter will facilitate the transition to Avertium’s Cyber Response Unit (CRU) under a separate agreement to aid in: 

    • Containment
    • Eradication
    • Recovery
    • Post-eviction activity 
mobilize quickly


  We are fusing insights and technology...  

"We are not just breaking down the walls between professional and managed services. We are fusing insights and technology so that intelligence drives MDR outcomes that are more informed, robust, and cost-effective over time."

    Avertium CEO | Bill Carroll


Using context to attack the chaos, Avertium gives you the broadest possible coverage across your network. After all, you are not fighting technology; you are fighting humans behind the technology. 

Business-First Security

Drive efficiency with weekly threat hunt reports that enable your team to prioritize and action high-urgency gaps.

Cyber Fusion Philosophy

Blend knowledge of your business with knowledge of the enemy to strengthen your cybersecurity posture.

Human Element

Get tailored and actionable recommendations from threat hunters who know your business, know your technology, and know what they’re doing 24/7.

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The Avertium advantage is not a tool, it’s our hunters – with Managed Threat Hunting from Avertium, we bring the fight to the enemy.

Proactive Protection

Focus on pre-ransomware activity and put your organization at an advantage in the fight against bad actors.

Operationalized Threat Intelligence

Get full coverage by integrating threat intelligence that informs targeted hunts to identify Low/ Slow attacks and behavior patterns consistent with known threat groups.

Greater Visibility

Get the broadest view of your landscape to find threats before they are fully unleashed in your environment.

Rapid Discovery Time

Reduce the time from initial compromise to discovery, overall reducing the impact on your business. 




Drive clarity, action, and efficiency with Managed Threat Hunting with Avertium threat hunters.