When it comes to cybersecurity, you can't protect what you can’t see, and you can’t get clarity without context. That’s where Avertium comes in.

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how we help

Threat Detection + Response Services


Show no weakness®  with the first MDR offering that fuses together all aspects of security operations into a living, breathing, threat-informed XDR solution.

Fusion MXDR >


Rapidly assess, contain, eradicate, and recover from a security incident.

Digital Forensics + Incident Response >

fusion managed extended detection + response (MXDR)

By fusing insights from threat intelligence, security assessments, and vulnerability management into our MDR approach, Fusion MXDR offers a more informed, robust, and cost-effective approach to cybersecurity - one that is greater than the sum of its parts.


Our Supported Tech Stacks include:

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  Threat Detection + Response

  Automation + Orchestration

  Dedicated Account Team

  NIST CSF Framework

  Threat Exposure

  Fusion Integration

digital forensics +
incident response (DFIR)

DFIR helps you rapidly assess, contain, eradicate, and recover from a security incident to minimize the impact on your infrastructure, your brand, and your operations.


  Forensic Analysis

  Compromise Assessments


  Network Recovery

  Re-Architecture Implementation

  Network Segmentation

  IAM/PAM Implementation

why avertium?

The cyber war is waged on many fronts. Avertium helps you fight back  with context. 

Attacks are highly orchestrated sequences of events. Learning how to “see them” requires the broadest view of data - not just from security tools. By combining our robust security tools and advanced threat intelligence with a heat map of your existing environment, Avertium gives you the broadest possible coverage across your network, your assets, and your people.


Know Thy Self

Using proven frameworks like NIST CSF alongside our in-depth onboarding diagnostic, we get to know your business, your attack surface, your protocols, and your areas of greatest weakness + strengths.

Know Thy Enemy

Leveraging our cyber threat intelligence (CTI) alongside the MITRE ATT&CK framework and other vulnerability databases, we then understand current and most likely future attack scenarios.

Our Approach

Adapt. Attack. Evolve.

Business-First Security

Get the most out of your existing security investment.

Stop bad actors in their tracks without requiring the rip and replace of expensive hardware typical of other solutions.

Cyber Fusion Philosophy

Programs over point solutions.

Rather than point solutions, Avertium is able to fuse, integrate, and optimize SIEM, EDR, Vulnerability Management, GRCaaS, Zero Trust Networking, and others into a comprehensive cyber program, all by our certified experts 24/7.


Human Element

Leverage the right data - not all of the data.

Security experts have learned that while it is possible to gather all of the pieces of the puzzle, it is far more difficult to figure out how they fit together.


Our Partners

Avertium partners with trusted technologies within cybersecurity. Together, we work to enhance your security posture, processes, and more.


Over  1,200 companies  have turned to Avertium to bring context to the chaos of cybersecurity strategy.


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  They always balance risk with how to keep the business going...  

"I implicitly trust the leadership and quality of resources that are brought to the table by Avertium. They always advise us in the direction that balances how to mitigate risk with how to keep the business going."

   Avertium Customer

  It's like working with your best friend!  

"Avertium has been a critical part of our success as a company for the better part of 5 years now. Everybody from project and account management to the soc engineers are great, knowledgeable people to work with. Avertium provides a small town "family" feel that makes the working relationship smooth and effective."

    Security & Risk Management | Avertium Customer

  Avertium is flexible across the entire continuum...  

"They can do everything from managing and monitoring my network from a security standpoint all the way to order and presentations. That’s one thing I’ve truly appreciated - Avertium has those levels of skills and they can be flexible across that entire continuum."

    Avertium Customer

The cyber war is waged on many fronts.


Avertium helps you fight it.