Case Study: CTS Software Gains Confidence and Credibility with HIPAA Certification

Case Study: CTS Software Gains Confidence and Credibility with HIPAA Certification


CTS Software is the creator of TripMaster, a dynamic scheduling and dispatching software for managing non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) and paratransit.

After 10 years of employment, Bryan Foster and Adam Fox bought the company in January of 2017. Since this time, TripMaster has increased from 70 to more than 300 customers and continues to grow.

the challenge
  • TripMaster software manages scheduling and dispatch for patrons needing transportation, including to and from medical appointments. 
  • Providing software required to store electronic personal healthcare information (ePHI) requires HIPAA compliance.
  • Prospective customers and bid requirements mandate proof of policies, procedures and processes be in place to ensure compliance.
the solution
  • HIPAA policies and procedures tailored to CTS Software to provide a foundation moving forward. 
  • HIPAA risk assessment to identify and document areas of risk in accordance with the HIPAA Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules. 
  • HIPAA gap analysis and roadmap to remediation with recommendations tailored to the organization. 
  •  HIPAA Certification Program (HCP) to provide on-going guidance and accountability throughout remediation. 
  • Virtual Security and Compliance Consulting (vSCC) to facilitate collaboration in developing custom documents and policies for specific processes strengthening CTS Software’s HIPAA compliance.

“Avertium’s HIPAA Certification Program has given us the confidence and credibility for winning new contracts.”

- Bryan Foster, CTO/Owner, CTS Software
Bryan Foster CTS CIO/Owner


With a stated mission of revolutionizing the transportation industry to make public transit a viable option for all regardless of assistance needs, the new principals at CTS Software quickly realized they had to stay on top of HIPAA compliance to ensure their software was safe to use and to gain credibility with prospective customers.

CTS was committed to proactively addressing HIPAA compliance in order to grow the company. The owners asked a trusted colleague to recommend a reputable information security and compliance partner, and were referred to Avertium.

CTS wanted to overhaul the processes surrounding their HIPAA compliance to ensure they were doing what was right for their customers. 


As a result of the services Avertium provided CTS Software, the company is able to confidently and credibly prove HIPAA certification. This empowers CTS to retain current customers and bid for new business. 

Foster says understanding HIPAA compliance is important for the success of CTS Software. 

“As a business owner, this was incredibly educational for me,” Foster said. “I knew HIPAA was important, but working with Avertium provided a deeper understanding of what it means to be compliant as it relates to my business and why it’s important.”

Are you looking for a partner to guide you through HIPAA compliance? Share a few details below and an Avertium consultant will contact you. 

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